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Introducing PinkyDoll

The Mesmerizing NPC Streamer!

Get ready to be captivated by the enchanting world of PinkyDoll! Before embarking on her social media journey, Fedha Sinon led a diverse life, where she managed her own cleaning company and even worked as a talented dancer in Montreal. However, life took an unexpected turn when she faced a personal loss during her stepfather's funeral in Seychelles, prompting her to seek a new path.


Enter PinkyDoll, the delightful personality that emerged when Sinon began livestreaming on TikTok. In January 2023, she stumbled upon the fascinating trend of "NPC streaming," and from there, she wove magic with her streams. Embracing the concept with creativity and humor, PinkyDoll playfully responded to her viewers' digital gifts, expressing her gratitude with joyful catchphrases and endearing gestures, much like non-player characters in video games.

As her livestreams gained traction, PinkyDoll's popularity soared to new heights, amassing an impressive following of over 400,000 devoted fans on TikTok in just a few months. Her unique charm attracted the attention of renowned figures like Timbaland and ATL Jacob, who became avid viewers during her delightful streams.

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What sets PinkyDoll apart is her ability to infuse each moment with a surreal combination of charisma and playfulness. Her movements, often described as being in the uncanny valley, leave viewers intrigued, while her voice, sweet as honey, adds an extra layer of allure. Her livestreams have been a source of joy and amusement for countless fans, leading to her remarkable success as a content creator.

With her infectious positivity and creative talent, PinkyDoll's livestreams have become a genuine phenomenon. Her phrases, like "ice cream, so good" and "gang gang," have transcended her streams and become viral memes, inspiring imitators and parodies that further add to the fun.

Exciting News: PinkyDoll Merchandise and Jewelry Line Now Available!

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About Me.

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